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Why You Should Become a Certified Life Coach

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 Why You Should Become a Certified Life Coach

Life coaching is an underrated gem quickly rising to the mainstream, and many are jumping onto that soaring rocket, as either clients or coaches themselves. So, what’s the hubbub all about? What is life coaching, why is becoming so popular, and – most importantly – why should you become a life coach?

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching, as defined by The Addictions Academy, is a person acting as a positive influence that encourages and assists clients in a meaningful journey through various aspects of their life and career. Life coaches often provide road maps, emotional support, and insight into the client’s issues utilizing an objective, professional, and experienced perspective.

The difference between this and other forms of coaching such as sober coaching/recovery coaching is simply in its client base. Addiction coaching may do something similar but with a greater focus on addiction, while life coaching is meant for generalized issues that don’t stem from addiction. Is that to say a life coach can’t also help with addiction? Of course not! However, clients are advised to seek an addiction coach for maximized treatment.

Why Has it Become so Popular?

The modern age has made something abundantly clear: Nowadays people want things quickly, conveniently, and at their door. Can we blame them? No! Workloads can be rough, the ever-evolving online world encourages such a lifestyle, and time is valuable. DoorDash, Uber, Tinder, and even services like CashApp. So, with something like life coaching, not only do people lack the time and availability to sit down and sort things out, but a service for such a thing was practically unheard of until life coaching was implemented.

This may lead some to pipe in with an understandable counterpoint: How about therapy? It’s a great place to figure out your issues in life. While that’s true, life coaching and therapy serve two completely different purposes. A therapist focuses on the past – one’s traumas and experiences leading to who they are today. Life coaching on the other hand focuses specifically on the now and how to move forward. Neither one is better than the other, but when used in tandem it can be incredibly beneficial.

So – to make a long answer short: life coaching is popular because it meets the demand of the modern age. It can be done virtually or on the go, and the service remains just as effective as it would be if it were in person. Coaches work around their clients, not the other way around.

Why Should You Become a Life Coach?

Becoming a life coach means taking a chance on a blossoming field that can do some objective good. Not only does it benefit you by joining a growing industry, but it’s also to the benefit of your clients. With the right certification and devotion to helping others, it’s a win-win scenario. There was plenty of talk about the convenience of it all, but let’s not forget that the people in need of this service are vulnerable and in desperate straits. It’s less about making the process of getting help more digestible, and more focused on making it more accessible.

Getting the certification isn’t difficult, either. Services like The Addictions Academy are great resources for not only giving the certification itself but also providing vast knowledge of the subject and experience through their mentorship program. On top of that, there’s a chance to be hired directly into the Addictions Coach team and work with the founder Cali Estes.

Becoming a life coach isn’t hard, it’s just a matter of being dedicated enough to the cause. If any of the listed reasons interest you, this career path may be right up your alley!

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