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Who is Life Coaching For?

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Who is Life Coaching For?

If you hadn’t heard of life coaching before – or maybe you had but not enough to know exactly what it was – you may be stuck questioning who exactly it’s for. Is it for people who’ve reached rock bottom? Maybe someone who’s already successful and just needs a guide on how to stay on that path? Could you or I use a life coach to the utmost potential, or would it be a waste of time and money? To be frank, the answer is a lot simpler than many would realize.

Life Coaching and Unpause Your life

Life coaching, for those who don’t know, is a service in which a trained professional guides a client through challenges and obstacles in their life utilizing an objective perspective and their own experience. It’s like addictions coaching, just not relegated to substance abuse. A coach can be either independent or work through an organization, and while it’s a matter of preference, organizational coaches often offer guarantees such as insurance, bonds, and certification.

A fantastic example of such an organization would be “Unpause Your Life”, founded by Cali Estes. As a service that offers certification and coaching, Cali exemplifies the best of both worlds. For example, the coaching itself utilizes an unprecedented and impressive catalog in its “VAULT” videos, while the coaching itself nearly guarantees a bang for your buck with terrific value for its price.

With that being said, Cali, as someone with great knowledge and experience in this field, makes an excellent point as to who needs life coaching and why they need it.

“Life coaching is for anyone and everyone who wants to take control and make improvements in one or more aspects of their life. Think of all the major aspects of life, and the countless ways they often don’t work out as we had hoped or planned. That is where a life coach can come into play and guide you in ways that you would never otherwise consider.

No matter how smart, insightful, motivated, objective, etc., a person’s emotions, desires, and lack of scope will always get in the way when needing true self and situational assessment. For this reason, just as is the case with a therapist or physician, it is always best if a life coach is in no way a part of the client’s life prior to beginning working together.”

Who needs a Life Coach?

You heard that right, the audience for life coaching can be just about anybody! For example, it can definitely help someone who’s reached “rock bottom” and help them find the path back to stability. If it’s addiction-related, they can offer resources and connections, if it’s time-related, they can help them set a road map for the foreseeable future, and if it’s relationship-related, they can offer some invaluable insight and mend any issues.

Similarly, even when in a great place in your life, you may want to keep up that stride. Life coaches can offer financial advice, point out any opportunities, create a roadmap to keep up exciting ventures, or warn against any common pitfalls you may be unaware of. This may lead to some chiming in with the thought “but, if they’re already doing well, why can’t they rely on their own decision-making?” and this is a valid question! Honestly, there’s a chance that that may work out just fine! However, it’s easy to be blinded by success and get overly confident, so it’s a matter of being safe and not sorry.

Finally, there’s a life coach’s use for the average joe! Simply, if there are problems in your life that you can’t figure out, a life coach may be able to help. Relationships, jobs, exercise, school – anything! As long as that problem is having a significant impact on your life, a life coach may be able to help. For more information, feel free to reach out to Cali Estes and the Unpause Your Life team at Unpauseyourlife.com



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