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What Sets Life Coaching Apart From Other Treatment Services

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What Sets Life Coaching Apart From Therapy?

Life coaching is a priceless commodity, but understanding it can be a bit tricky for some. Just the description alone might invoke some memories of or associations with other services like therapy or recovery coaching. So, it’s time to set the record straight and give a brief deep dive into what life coaching is, and what it isn’t.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching, as the name implies, can be summarized as “guidance for various issues in a client’s life to put them back on the road to success.” If you feel as though you’ve lost all sense of direction, like you hit rock bottom, or maybe you’re doing really well and want some help on keeping that good momentum, life coaching can take you as you are and point you in the right direction. A coach is usually an individual trained to offer an experienced, objective perspective on issues and show you the way out. Often our biggest problem when facing an obstacle is getting overwhelmed by what that obstacle comes with. Anxiety, hesitation, overthinking, and frustration can all cloud your mind and lead to imprecise decision-making. Sometimes all we need is a clear head above the clouds to lead us out of that mental thunderstorm.

Unpause Your Life is a fantastic hub for all things life coaching and has further information on the subject and what defines life coaching in the eyes of those involved.

“Often, overwhelm, anxiety,  depression, and fear of change keep us planted where we are. We have goals and dreams, but we can not seem to get into the action phase and then depression and overwhelm take over. Imagine feeling stress-free, happy, and achieving your goals! It’s possible to get Unstuck!”

Their solution is to help the client lead what they call an “Unpaused Life”, meaning to help them find their purpose and pursue success, and their model is one we should hold in high regard.

What Makes Life Coaching Different?

Life coaching is unique in a few different ways, but let’s tackle some common misconceptions. What’s the difference between coaching and something like therapy? Well, therapy focuses heavily on the past and coming to terms with it, while life coaching focuses on the now and possibly the future. This makes for a great combination, or just helping in setting a preference. If you need help with one but not the other, then you could simply choose a single option instead.

Now, how about other forms of coaching? If I happen to be in need of recovery assistance, can I use life coaching in place of recovery coaching?  Well, maybe, but it isn’t quite recommended. An addiction is something that requires a lot of attention, and an addictions coach is one of the best methods of putting a magnifying glass on the issue and fully combating it. Life coaching can help, but more often than not when it comes to things like addiction, they can assist in referring you to other options like sober companions or a sober coach.

To help illustrate the point, let’s look at it this way: If you have an issue right now that you need help addressing, life coaching is for you. Relationships, fitness, internal struggles, work, family, anything. Services like Unpause Your Life are built to not only help you come face-to-face with your obstacles but learn how to move on in the future. Unlike other services that attempt to establish a “crutch” model where the client would hypothetically never depart from the service, life coaching gives you the tools to succeed and helps you stand on your own two feet.

If you’d like more information on life coaching, whether it be trying the service for yourself or maybe even becoming a coach, I cannot sing the praises of Unpause Your Life enough. Feel free to reach out on their website and get in contact with a life coaching expert.

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