what is a life coach?

What Is a Life Coach?

Life coaching is a rapidly growing industry, and for good reason. People are taking charge of their lives in many ways. Getting a life coach is one way to get the results people seek in their careers, personal life, or other important areas.

So, what is a life coach? A life coach can help you get to the place you want to be in your life. There are life coaches that specialize in just about any area that you can think of. Let’s look at what life coaches do, how they aren’t a therapist, and see if you think you should hire one for your own life.

What Do Life Coaches Do?

A life coach’s main job is to help you reach your full potential. A life coach can help you identify your goals and achieve them. It’s their job to become your teammate and work with you in whatever area of your life where you want improvement.

A life coach is an unbiased person who can help you identify limited beliefs that you may have, unhealthy habits, or other obstacles that may be holding you back.

They will ask questions and invest their time in learning about your life, and they can also help you get through some tough transitions.

Coaches can meet with clients online, in person, or offer a hybrid approach. They will provide one-on-one and sometimes group sessions over the phone or online via video conferencing, like Zoom.

A coach will typically offer you some assessment to work on between sessions, so you’ll have something new to explore during your next meeting. Working with a coach will help you see things from a different perspective you may haven’t thought of before.

Life Coach vs. A Therapist

Often, people hear life coach, and they think of a therapist. They are different, though they can both offer some of the same benefits. A life coach is not a healthcare professional and will not diagnose or treat any mental issues that you may have. A therapist or a counselor is a trained professional who can help you manage symptoms of mental health issues or trauma-related illnesses.

Conversely, a coach doesn’t treat mental conditions but can help someone with personal or professional development. While a coach and a therapist can teach you ways to manage emotions and stress better, life coaching may be more of a temporary relationship. Sometimes, people may need years of therapy but only need to work with a coach for six months.

What Makes Life Coaching Attractive?

Many coaching clients state that having a life coach has increased their self-esteem and improved their relationships. Life coaching is so popular because people’s lives are getting better because of it. Businesses that hire coaches for their employees have more productivity and job satisfaction. 

People going to coaches for relationship issues are learning better communication skills to practice with their loved ones. 

Many coaches have achieved something their clients are coming to them to gain themselves. For example, people who want to become a life coach have hired a coach to help them become one themselves. Life coaches who have experience in specific niches are also popular because their clients can trust that they know what they are doing since they have the experience themselves.

Should You Hire a Life Coach?

If you are facing an issue in your life where you feel stuck or you may be feeling frustrated, you may want to reach out and find a life coach to help you find your way. If you have trouble with confidence and self-esteem, you will benefit from hiring a coach.

Here at UnPause Your Life, our life coaches have the training and experience to offer you a tangible way to improve your life. So, reach out today to hire a life coach and get your life on track to where you want it to be.

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