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Moving Forward is a State of Mind

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” -Unknown

Feeling stuck doesn’t mean you need to stay that way.  Often, overwhelm, anxiety,  depression and fear of change keep us planted where we are. We have goals and dreams but we can not seem to get into action phase and then depression and overwhelm take over. Imagine feeling stress free, happy and achieving your goals! Its possible to get Unstuck!

Our Life Coach Program  utilizes a unique concept called The Method that will help you unlock The Code of your brain. Imagine being able to do more, be more, create more, and feel less stress and less overwhelm.

Here is what our Coach ME Program can do for YOU:

Create More Abundance
Find Your Purpose
Find Meaning in Life
Tackle stress, depression, anxiety and overwhelm
Create better health and wellness
Stop Over-eating
Stop Over-drinking
Learn new ways to deal with your Partner and Children

Our Values

Find Purpose in Everything You Do

Leading an Unpaused Life means learning what your purpose is and that you are actively pursuing your success. Imagine a fulfilled life full of purpose and meaning with less stress and more JOY in life. Stop negative behaviors, create more abundance, time and deeper relationships in your life.  You CAN have it all. We will show you. 

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Discover Your Purpose

We are committed to uncovering YOUR WHY. You want to know WHAT you should be doing and how to do it effortlessly, with more satisfaction.

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Outline Your Path

Understand the concept of FLOW, Create Your MAGNET, Challenge your Limiting Beliefs and learn how to RESPOND to the world around you to reduce overwhelm, frustration and more.

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Unlock the CODE

Your brain operates at 5% capacity. Imagine if you could access the other 95% to harness real change and create lasting results. Our 4 Step Life Coach METHOD will provide you the Foundation to create from.

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Years Experience

How are we different?

What can you Teach Me?

If you are teachable, we can help you have a meaningful, stress free, and abundant life. You need more time, more energy and more clarity. The Life Coach Method will teach you all of that. Our VAULT video series and online live coaching will propel you into overdrive to unlock your stuck points and UnPause Your Life.

Access more meaningful relationships, deeper connections within yourself and with others, less negative thoughts and even how to be more confident in all you do. Imagine a stress less life, with lots of enjoyment and satisfaction. We will do all the heavy lifting, you just show up ready to be coached! Our Coach ME program gets to your root cause of being stuck, unlocks your brain and creates lasting, measurable results — FAST. 

Here are some of our techniques: 

Understand and Utilize the FLOW System
Learn how to Create your Magnet for Unlimited Abundance
Find your Moment of Excellence in the day
Tackle Limiting Beliefs and Learned Helplessness

Coach Me Subscription

You can start your coaching journey, which includes a private KickStart Coaching Session with Dr. Cali or Jen once you sign up.

You get access to:

  • Kickstarter Session with Dr. Cali Estes or Jenny Fontana. Get clear on your goals, your plan, and your STUCK points! (Value $550).
  • Our entire VAULT of courses (valued at over $100,000) includes The 7 Keys Book Video Series, Anger Management, defining your purpose and passion, Manifestation and Abundance, and Coach Me Series: Stop OverThinking, OverEating, OverDrinking, and OverDoing. Plus, over 20 more valuable videos and assignments.
  • Access to weekly group coaching where you watch those around you get coached or jump in to be coached in real-time with real-life issues.
  • Copy of the #1 Best Selling 7 Keys to Tap into the Wealth Inside You Book.
  • Copy of #1 Best Selling Unpause Your lIfe  Workbook

Enroll in Coach ME now and see for yourself how powerful our sessions are for quick and lasting change! Dr. Cali Estes has been working with High-Performance clients for 20 years and now you can access that same coaching for a fraction of what her clients pay.

We know you will love it and see the power of it immediately by the results it creates in your life.

We use a very unique System called the Life Coach Method 4 Step Process that you won’t get from any other coaching membership. We teach you how to access the 95% of your brain that is dormant to create fast and lasting measurable results. No other program has the tools we have created.

All of this for only $297 per month. That is less than 1 life coaching session with Dr. Cali Estes alone. We want you to succeed and access all the content she has created over the past 27 years.  Clients call her: ‘The Battery Recharger”.

You deserve to invest in yourself, you are your best investment.

Enroll and get your first session today.

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