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If you have had the opportunity to be coached by Dr. Cali Estes or Jenny Fontana over the past 10 years, you know the power of The Life Coach Method and Cali’s signature Blueprint for Life Design.

It simply works.

Now, you have the opportunity to learn The Life Coach Method and help others attain their goals, feel fulfilled, and UnPause their Lives with access to their unique materials and training.

Our Values

You want More out of life and you deserve it.

This Life Coach Certification is like nothing on the market. You can spend up to $30,000 on training and life coach certifications, and still not get the right tools you need for your clients. Dr. Cali Estes has spent 10 years compiling and creating the EXACT tools you need to coach yourself and your clients for peak performance. Her Blueprint for Life Design is something her top clients use in everyday life to create an extraordinary life.

What will you learn in this Certification?     

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Mindset Shift and Flow State

Your brain is a powerful tool and only 5% of it is conscious. That means your subconscious mind runs you, it programs you. Your past, your trauma, your negative racing thoughts...what if you could shut it off and turn on the FLOW of the positive thoughts -- instantly? We will teach you. This is Law of Attraction on Steroids. Get fast, consistent results with our methods.

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The Secret Triangle

You may have heard Dr. Cali on her Podcast describe this tool for creating your amazing life and getting unstuck. The Secret Triangle can help break unwanted habits, thoughts and even addictive behaviors. Your clients will thank you once you teach this to them!

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The Magnet

How to create the perfect life, the perfect bank account and do exactly what you desire while offering the world your gifts and talents is an art form. We teach you how to attract abundance, time, money and happiness. Coupled with FLOW state, you can be unstoppable. But we are just getting started.

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Years Experience

How are we different?

Why The Life Coach Method?

Dr. Cali Estes has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their dreams and goals. She specializes in working with celebrities, executives, and high achievers who want more out of their lives in less time. She has a Doctorate in clinical Psychology, and has studied NLP, The Silva Method, Motivational Interviewing and is well versed in over 4 different types of therapies that work to unlock the true protentional of your brain. The Life Coach Method is a fusion of her training and teaching for the past 10 years. You will learn her unique and powerful techniques to help your clients create the lives they desire. You will gain access to the Blueprint for Life Design that her top executives and celebrities use for success.

Understand and Utilize the FLOW System
Learn the 4 Step Life Coach Method that works for any client
Learn how to Create your Magnet for Unlimited Abundance
Learn the 4 Step Brain Process to train new Neuropathways
Learn Tricks to teach your client to stop over eating, over drinking and overthinking
Understand and utilize the 3 C's for rapid transformational growth
Learn how to introduce the Mental Housecleaning Techniques
Tackle Limiting Beliefs and Learned Helplessness

and that is just the beginning. 

Certify Me

What is included in our Life Coach Certification Programs?

The Life Coach Method is a proven coaching certification with options to add on additional in-depth niche certifications such as: Nutrition Coaching, Food Addiction, Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Trauma Coaching, Mental Health Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Health Coaching and more. 

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Included: 24 lesson in depth life coach certification

Everything is included: how to coach to illicit powerful, memorable change; all the tools and assessments we use, the entire Life Design Blueprint and Roadmap we use for our clients. We cover the Secret Triangle, The Magnet, How to achieve Flow State, The 3 C's, and the 4 Step Life Coach Method to help you teach your clients to RESPOND to the world around them and reduce overwhelm, frustration, and more. The Blueprint for Life Design and the Powerful methods used to Coach high Performance Clients is included.

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Copy of #1 Best Selling Book 7 Keys to Tap into The Wealth Inside You

The 7 Keys to Tap into the Wealth Inside you book and training series will have you deep dive into yourself and teach you tips and tricks you can implement with your personal clients to illicit faster more lasting change.

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Copy of #1 Best Selling Workbook

The Life Coach Method Workbook with 45 exercises for clients that will stand you apart from any other life coach. These in-depth exercises are sure to illicit change if your clients AND give you tools at your fingertips!


Performance Coach Certification

A full certification to enhance your skills and become a Certified Performance Coach. Your clients want to enhance their lives and be at the top of their game (whether it is as a mom, an employee, a business owner, even an online influencer) and you will have the skill set to help them achieve that goal. This certification will provide you will skills and resources to have impactful lasting results with your clients.

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