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Best Places to Get Life Coaching Certified


Best Places to Get Life Coaching Certified

With life coaching quickly becoming a top industry for addiction treatment alternatives, there are plenty of questions left in the air for those who may have caught the word. What is life coaching? How can I get into it, and what’s the best possible way to enter the industry? Well, while these questions will be answered shortly, just as a brief taste of what’s to come, you should know that becoming a life coach isn’t only simple, but it’s flush with opportunities for entering the space and growing in it. 

What is Life Coaching

Life coaching is a relatively straightforward concept with surprising depth beneath the surface. Individuals are trained to assist clients with issues they may have in their lives, whether it be relationship issues, workplace problems, fitness, diet, a lack of direction, advice towards success, inability to succeed in chosen fields, or several other issues. If you’ve heard of addictions coaching, it’s similar to that, just focused less on the specific issue and more on overall life goals and concepts. If you’ve ever been going through a breakup or lost a job, maybe dealt with grief, or couldn’t find the motivation you needed to reach a vital goal, you’ll be well aware of the impact some support can make. Some may not have strong enough support to fully lean onto, and others may not have any at all. A life coach can not only be there but be an objective perspective that offers guidance that would normally be obscured by a thick fog of emotions. 

It’s their job to be reliable and effective, and this comes with unique mental associations that do a lot of heavy lifting. You would feel less guilty for dropping your “baggage” onto them because you know they can handle it, you’d build a connection with this person based on your success, now putting someone else at stake and making failure harder to accept, and you’d have an unbiased point of view to see your problems from. 

So, how does one become a life coach? Well, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. You can technically jump into the career without any training, but that can only lead to problems. For one, finding clients would be basically impossible if you didn’t know them beforehand, and even then, it may be a struggle. It’s hard to place trust in someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, even if they may have some skills. This is a major step in someone’s life, allowing them to be vulnerable with their problems and vices and it would be difficult to trust someone who isn’t guaranteed to be a good investment. Not only that, but the cost of failure in this industry is a big one. These are people’s lives on the line and leading them astray is a recipe for disaster. You must know what to do and how to do it as a matter of respect to them and to the industry. 

On the other hand, there’s the correct way to handle things. Becoming certified for the job using some trusted providers. Now, before going into Google and searching “Life coaching certification” just to choose the first available result, you should know there are going to be a lot of offers, but very few with substantial value. If you want some bang for your buck and some of the best training a life coach can receive, here are a couple of suggestions. 

UnPause Your Life

UnPause Your Life is an exciting venture brought to you by two unmatched minds: Cali Estes (The Addictions Coach) and Jen Fontana. These two have cultivated a powerhouse in the industry using their combined experience and expertise to bring a once-in-a-lifetime experience you wouldn’t want to miss. They say as much on the UnPause Your Life website, giving further insight into their expertise 

“This Life Coach Certification is like nothing on the market. You can spend up to $30,000 on training and life coach certifications, and still not get the right tools you need for your clients. Dr. Cali Estes has spent 10 years compiling and creating the EXACT tools you need to coach yourself and your clients for peak performance. Her Blueprint for Life Design is something her top clients use in everyday life to create an extraordinary life.”

Through the certification, they teach three major components: The Mindset Shift and Flow State, The Secret Triangle, and The Magnet. The first – The Mindset Shift – teaches clients how to take negative racing thoughts, stop them in their tracks, and encourage positive thinking. The second – The Secret Triangle – can help break unwanted habits, thoughts, and addictive behaviors in one’s clients. Finally, there’s The Magnet, which can teach one to attract abundance, time, money, and happiness, which pairs well with the Flow State.

These are invaluable lessons taught exclusively by UnPause Your Life, and on top of that comes with various resources that are worth ten times the value than they’re included for! Cali Estes and Jen Fontana are two geniuses in the field who are dead set on creating some of the best life coaches in the world, and this could be the perfect place for you! 

The Addictions Academy 

In terms of options, there’s also The Addictions Academy, founded yet again by Cali Estes. This may raise an eyebrow, but Cali is undeniably one of the biggest names in the industry currently, and her having her hand in a service is a strong stamp of approval worth more than many could imagine. 

It’s hosted by the wonderful Kevin Parker, a psychologist with 20 years of experience in addiction and it goes over many aspects of becoming a life coach. How to do it, listening skills, goal setting, legality, ethics, and things like that. It’s a whole host of topics, and yet again comes in a package that far exceeds its price in value. A workbook, resources, a listing in their job board once the course is complete, and a chance for a direct pipeline into The Addictions Coach team!
Both are wonderful opportunities that are worth looking into and the best the industry offers. For more information, their websites have methods to reach out listed. 

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