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5 Signs You Are Overdoing It

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5 Signs You Are Overdoing It

Your body can adapt to a lot of different stressors. Determination and a thirst for success are good traits to have. In fact, they can both be positive attributes in your life. But what happens when you push yourself too hard? Your body may try to communicate exhaustion by showing some symptoms. If you are overdoing it, you can cause yourself to become sick or counterproductive. Here are five signs that you are overdoing it and at your limit.

1. Fatigue

Fatigue is the first sign that you are overdoing it. Feeling tired is normal, but when it becomes consistent, and you struggle to get out of bed in the mornings, it may be time to slow down. It might be time to cut down if you work long hours or exercise less. Your body needs some TLC to continue being productive.

So, if you are more tired than usual, it is time to make some changes and pamper yourself a little. For example, take a long warm bubble bath a few times a week instead of working longer hours. Your body will thank you for re-energizing.

2. Pain in the Body

Often, pain can be a sign that you need to slow down. It’s especially true if you are pushing your body with lots of physical activities. If your body isn’t getting enough downtime, you may start to feel some aches and pains in your joints or stiffness in the neck or back. If you have more pain in the body than normal, try to get more restful sleep, and see if that makes a difference in your pain levels.

3. Mental Exhaustion

Mental exhaustion can occur when you do a lot of thinking or emotional work. When your brain is working out too intently, it can leave you feeling drained. It’s like how your body feels after a long, intense workout.

You need to give your brain some rest like you would your body. You could walk outside in nature or a park to reset your brain. You will also want to get a whole night’s rest and give your mind a good chance to recharge.

4. Missing Work

Have you been calling off work more than usual? It could be a sign that you are overdoing things. When you’re overdoing it, you may not wake up in time for work one day. On the other hand, you could wake up and are not motivated to go.

Work could make you feel more stressed than usual because you’ve been putting in long hours, so you skip the whole day to rest. If it’s not normal for you to miss work, you may need to reduce work time and relax.

5. Indulging in Bad Habits

Are you drinking more often than you used to? Are you stress-eating? Overindulging in bad habits can be a surefire sign that you are pushing yourself to the max. When you feel so stressed all the time, it is normal to reach for something to ease the tension, but if it’s often, then maybe you’re living with too much pressure.

Before the bad habits take a turn for the worst, dial it back and practice some healthy stress-relieving activities. For example, book a massage or a facial instead of drinking or eating too much junk.

Hire a Life Coach To Help You Balance

Overdoing it takes a toll on your body. Instead of pushing yourself to exhaustion, you must find a healthy balance of work, rest, and play. If you’re still struggling to slow down, you should hire a life coach. Our coaches can help you learn to slow down, get enough rest, and still become as successful as you want to be, but with balance. Reach out today to ask about a life coach.


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